To be honest, I was a trainee for just 1 year. I went to YG a year before BIGBANG debuted and I was an underground rapper who performed at underground clubs since I was little. I was like a hyung who communicated with Jiyong and Taeyang through music. I don’t really obsess over teenage roles because I didn’t get to enjoy my youth but it’s like this: Rappers spend a lot of time sitting alone, thinking and writing lyrics. From that I was always insecure and unstable. My ego was too big and it was hard to handle it by myself. And that’s why I’m attracted to characters that are boys and have those insecurities. When someone who knows the power of that insecurity and the feelings acts out that character, it could transfer the tension to the audience more efficiently.
- T.O.P (W Magazine Interview [November 2013])

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[131020] Sean Ro (@jinuSEAN3000) Instagram: 

Photo 1: When YG’s OG meets young ones. We went to do a volunteer work together playing with the kids at Sung ae won.Took little time to get to know each other but had blast time playing together with the kids. When we were leaving the kids and Dara, Minzy, Akdong, Hi got pretty close and felt little sad. Promise to come back again and just try to remember the good time

Photo 2: When YG’s OG meets young ones. All the love we’ve got, giving the love back! Feeling the love and happiness everywhere^^


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Lydia Paek - Bad Boy (BIGBANG) Cover!

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091230 KBS Gayo Daejun

2NE1- Love is so Difficult (Lee SeungChul)

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That moment when TOP choomed for Bom

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